Welcome to Patmos

The island where calm meets excitement, seclusion embraces a cosmopolitan attitude, and a plethora of choices can be found for every kind of holiday you choose to experience, every time you visit.

This little island in the Dodecanese is a mystical gem with a breathtaking, relaxed aura

After a long but enchanting 7-hour boat ride from the Athenian port of Piraeus, the commanding views of the island are gradually revealed, not unlike the pieces of a beautiful puzzle. This little island in the Dodecanese is a mystical gem with a breathtaking, relaxed aura.

Stepping foot off the boat at the port (Skala), one is captivated by the charming shops and the picturesque alleys of the Chora, the village surrounding the Monastery of St John the Theologian.

Both The Chora and the Monastery have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, together with Saint John the Divine’s cave, where he had his vision of his beloved teacher, Jesus Christ, as he recorded it in the Book of Revelation.

Beautiful alleys surround the Monastery, and driving through them feels like a breeze, as there are no traffic lights to distract you from the captivating scenery enveloping right in front of you.

As the case is in many Greek islands, the terraces here are so close to one another that you can jump your way around them! This was, actually, a way for the inhabitants to protect themselves from the pirates ravaging the Aegean, finding their way to the Monastery, as back then it acted like a sacrosanct fortress.

This overwhelming edifice is the centerpiece of the island, visible from nearly every spot. It has influenced the structure, style, and attitude of every inch of its 36,4 square kilometers, creating a peaceful and enchanting cosmos, ideal for relaxing holidays away from the fast-paced lifestyles of today.

This is the home of Villa Sofouliou, a captivating holiday house, where tradition is met with every modern facility, creating a destination in itself